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Classic manual massage

Most popular spa and wellness treatment, which is mainly applied in diseases of the musculoskeletal system. This procedure is supplement of therapy where it is necessary to loosen stiff muscles, treating painful contractures or prepare the patient for therapeutic exercise.

Massage has also some contraindications that need to be taken into consideration

  • postoperative states of the abdominal cavity and chest, varices of the lower extremities,
  • severe blood circulation disorders and bleeding disorders.

Duration 15 - 20 minutes

Reflexive massage

It is a mechanical action for hyperalgic zones that accompany diseases of internal organs or muscle groups of different depths. Special techniques and touches are used, which choose physiotherapist according to the current state of patient.This massage system was in the last century elaborated to detai.

Basic configuration techniques:

  • jugular
  • dorsal
  • ladle

This procedure takes about 20 minutes.

Reflexive foot massage

This massage is about stimulating of acupressure points in the soles of feet micro system. With the use of special massage techniques are also affected internal organs, improved autonomic balance, accelerated the healing and acts as anti-pain method. This massage is recommended for insomnia, depression, but also improves the overall health status. Some elements are based on the classic Chinese acupressure schools, some are related to the modern French school, which specialized at usage of micro systems and further developed it.

This procedure takes about 20 minutes.

Masáž lávovými kameňmi (Hot-Stones)

Hot stone massage is several centuries old and was independently developed in different parts of the Earth. Today there are several different types of massage. This type of massage is now offered as a wellness procedure. This massage strengthens the tissues and blood vessels, with the support of blood circulation it relaxes the muscles, stimulates the metabolism, but also acts purifying. It is working with cyclic basalt blocks of different sizes that are heated in hot water to the temperature to 60 ° C. The massage oil is used, too. During the massage the stones penetrate a pleasant heat to the whole body. At this stage the surface tension has been released. The skin smoothest and softens. Hot stimuli leads to better blood circulation, metabolism, the improvement of the blood circulation. The muscles deeply relaxes when stress and pain in the body occurs.

The length of the massage is 25 minutes (spine) or 45 minutes (whole body).

Lymphatic drainage

By releasing lymphatic vessels, we successfully treat edema from trauma, swelling of arms, the effects of complicated operations, breast cancer, as well as lymph edema caused after thrombosis of the leg. The so-called lymphatic pump works on the principle of regular and sustained release of lymph veins in the legs. This leads to demonstrable improvement and renewal of the flow of the lymph, the stagnation usually causes unpleasant, painful swelling of the limbs. It also leads to faster release of metabolic waste and thus to faster recovery. 

If necessary, lymphatic drainage have to be done daily and is done manually or instrumentally.

Treatment is painless and various treatments last about 90 minutes. 

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